1 Prosecco, 2 Prosecco, 12 Prosecco More…..

So Friday night was curry and cocktail night for all the girls from the studio.

Me and 25 other women.

Now I don’t need to go into detail but you women are disgusting.

Some of the stuff you talk about once you’ve had a drink.

It’s unreal ha ha.

It was like I wasn’t even there.

You lot talk about sex more than men ha.

Anyway just before the night out I got a few texts and calls from clients who couldn’t make it.

Mainly through feeling

> Nervous

> Anxious

> Scared

> Having that fear of people judging them

> Not knowing anyone

> Anticipation

Which I’ll have you consider is totally normal.

And I get it.

It happens to me too.

And I’m usually the one out of all of my friends who finds every excuse possible why I can’t go out.

> Don’t feel well

> Need to be up early tomorrow

> I’ll come next time

I just find it hard to socialise.

And that’s ok.

No one can tell you that’s right or wrong.

You make your own rules up.

Whatever you decide is right.

So there I was thinking I won’t go and I’ll just leave it to my other coach to go instead.

But you know what.

All of that self doubt , anxiety and fear of what people think of me quickly went away soon as I met every one.

And it actually was no where near as bad as I thought it was.

I had so much fun, in a bar with like 25 women.

That’s every guys dream ha.

I mean all my girls looked fire.

To see a bunch of women 30-50 years old who don’t know each other out

> Socialising

> Dancing

> And totally drinking me under the table was so awesome.

Shows me that what we do here at Unbreakable is working.

And you know what made it even better.

Pretty much all of us made it training Saturday morning and we all trained together.

That’s what we call balance.

Total blow out the day before and the next day back to plan.

That’s why all my girls get in shape even though they have way more cheat meals than anything other trainer would allow them.

And you know all of those feelings that me and my clients had over the night out?

They are exactly the same as what you think about joining this program right?

> You’re scared of doing something new

> Skeptical over if the other girls will like you

> Anxious of being in front of other people in your gym gear

> Doubting whether it will even work

And like I said that’s all totally normal.

Every one of my clients felt exactly the same before taking the plunge too.

So the lesson of this email is simple.

Just go out and do it.

> Meet up with friends you keep putting off.

> Go start your fitness journey.

> Start a new hobby you’ve always wanted to do.

Because you know what! all the other people that do it feel exactly the same too.

They’re are no new thoughts.

They’re are no new emotions.

These feeling and thoughts have been around for billions of years.

And they ain’t going nowhere.

So just go do it.

If you wanna do all of that ^^^ along side a bunch of kick ass women who are just like you then applying for my program could be a good start.

Just click here http://www.thewarehousegym.co.uk/dailyemailapplication/

Now if you don’t wanna apply and you want to work with someone else then that’s cool too.

Go do it.

Just start today please, and quit the excuses you’ve been using for the past 12 months.

Because in reality no one really cares about your excuses do they !!

That’s it.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Ciao Bella

Lynton “i think my girls are alcoholics” dell