#6 Reasons You’re Still Fat.

So you’ve spent the last 14 days starving yourself, putting your best effort in to lose a pound or two right

But your weekly weigh in shows 0.

Even after all of that hard work you’ve done.

And now you’re pissed off that you’ve lost nothing after everything you’ve sacrificed and you eat more bad food and now weigh more than you did 14 days ago.

Yep I get it.

It’s how all my clients USED to be too.

Let me break it down to you and give you the #6 top reasons why you don’t lose weight

#1. You’ve Eliminated Wine From Your Diet.

Yep I’m serious.

Why do it to yourself.

You know you like it.

So why ditch it?

I mean my clients have the ability to drink wine every single day if they so wish and I’ll still guarantee they lose weight.

(Don’t believe me? Come on board and you’ll see how my nutrition program let’s you have alcohol.)

Don’t ditch what you like it’s the No.1 reason why you’ll fail.

#2. You Don’t Track Your Food.

Ever gone for a few days and someone asks how your diet has been and you say yea great.?

To then only realise 5 minute later you’ve ate a tonne of stuff you shouldn’t have?

Keeping a log of everything you eat is probably the quickest way to lose weight.

You’ll be much more conscious of what you eat knowing that you write it all down.

And by actually making yourself aware of how bad your food is it’ll help keep you on a track a tonne easier.

#3. You’ve Gone Carb Free Or Fat Free

Ditching any food group is not a good idea.

Our body needs protein, fats and carbs so by ditching either of them you’re not only causing your body nutrient problems,

You’ll also feel like life sucks because you’ve stopped eating the foods you love.

I’m yet to meet a client who is happy to ditch birthday cake or pasta dinner for their lifetime.

#4. All Your Friends Are Fat

Sounds kinda crazy but it’s true.

If all the girls you socialise with are total food lovers and are not interested in losing weight your weight loss journey will be even harder.

It’s true what they say, if you hang around with 5 broke people you’ll be the 6th.

Same with your weight.

Create a new circle of people you socialise who actually want to change how they feel.

A good place to do this ^^^^^?

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#5. Rewarding Your Exercise Efforts With Food.


You wouldn’t believe how many females go and train and burn 300/400 kcal and then eat some crap as a reward for their hard work in the gym.

The problem here is that most people actually over estimate how many calories they’ve burnt off.

Which ultimately means you’re actually eating way more calories than you need so you’ll actually start gaining weight or at best, stay stuck at where you are now.

#6. You’re Not Eating Enough Food.

I know I know you heard this a millions times but it’s true.

Less food does NOT mean more weight loss.

In fact quite the opposite.

The more food you eat the higher your metabolism will be, which ultimately means your body will burn more body fat.

A girl weighing 60kg should be eating 1800-2000 kcals.

Of course if you weigh more, you need more food.

So don’t cut your meals down,

Add more in.

So there you have it.

My #6 ways on how to lose weight.

And ultimately get laid more,

Which is what we all want right?

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That’s it,

I’m done for the weekend,

Off to meet a bunch of dudes in Birmingham to talk business ideas.

Unbreakable is gonna be rolling 1000mph come the new year.

Stay tuned……

Lynton “2 wines and I’m drunk” Dell