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Meera Parmar

I joined warehouse gym after recommendation from another PT at my current gym. I was looking to loose weight and get fit. I looked at the website, had my consultation and just thought whatever give it a go what’s the worst that’s going to happen?

So I signed up to the group training plan from end of June 2015. The group sessions were really tough to start with, I had to forget about the gym until I got there otherwise I’m not sure I would have carried on. The nutrition plans were tough to follow to start with as I’m used to 2/3 meals a day and the plan was asking me to have 5/6. But I thought I’ll just give it my all and see what happens which is exactly what I did. Yes admittedly it wasn’t easy and I didn’t always enjoy it but once I started to see the weight drop off and my body change it almost become an addiction but in a good way. I’ve had a holiday and Christmas in between but lost around 1.5st. I didn’t really come with a set target other than wanting to get under the 10st mark which I achieved! Also, I just wanted to know how to train hard and eat well to get the best results and maintain these results.

I got the results I wanted and the information I needed to carry it on away from Warehouse. The results would not come if it wasn’t for the team behind the clients success. The PT’s work you hard during the sessions and ensure they are on top of your checks ins and nutrition plans.

I normally attend leisure centre type gyms so when I came to The Warehouse Gym I didn’t know what I was thinking but I’ve absolutely loved my time here. If you want results but are also committed to put the work in then sign up at The Warehouse Gym. You will get results and become part of a fab family of people who want you to achieve the best for you!! Thank you TWG!!!

Charlotte Sanders

Following the birth of my daughter in August 2015 ,and having piled on an incredible 6 stone during pregnancy, I knew I had to do something to get back to my pre-baby weight. I shopped around local gyms and health clubs, pondered joining a Weight Watchers group or similar and then I came across The Warehouse Gym. I spent time researching through client testimonials and booked an appointment to see Lynton. He explained the journey that they would take me on, how it all worked and what I would be doing. I felt inspired from the start and couldn’t wait to get going.

I had my nutrition plans, which were tailored for me so I could juggle eating healthy as well as being a new Mum and going back to work which was great. The plans were easy to follow and I kept a food diary which I handed in every week, this was then analysed and feedback was provided on what I could change, how I could eat MORE and where I should perhaps cut back.

My twice weekly gym sessions were fun and effective. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t easy, but my PT Tom really pushed me and when I’m screaming ‘I can’t do it anymore!’ Tom knew that I in fact could and encouraged me to push harder.

I had fantastic results, I dropped 3 dress sizes, lost an incredible 1st 9lbs in 12 weeks and 18cm from across my body. I feel great and I now feel educated and motivated to continue the journey on my own to reach my end goal.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending The Warehouse Gym to help you reach your goals, it’s an investment that I definitely do not regret and the things I learnt will help me in years to come to stay fit and healthy. If you really want to change and need that helping hand then this is the option for you, with this plan, you’ll get there…

Thanks to you all!

Shruti Pattani

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Nicola Cooper

Lynton Helped me when I was at the lowest of lows. Suffering with Anorexia for over 6 years put me in hospital. It’s safe to say that clinical treatment had no positive effect on helping me overcome my illness. It was evident that I was punishing myself in the gym (endless hours of cardio) and eating less than 500 calories daily.

This is when Lynton approached me, a gentle giant oozing with positive vibes and wanted to help me get better. Weighing in at six and a half stone that quickly transformed into 8 stone, 9 stone and 2 years later now 10 stone! I tried my best to challenge Lynton, initially choosing foods for my diet plan was rather difficult – having built strong barriers to lots of food groups. Lynton sat tirelessly with me and explained why I needed certain foods, the logic and science that no one had ever thought important to raise previously.

I could message him any time and he would always be there to share his wise words of wisdom. He introduced me to new foods, intelligent eating, and slowly built up my diet as my confidence in food and myself grew. Lynton also guided me in the gym as I had never lifted weights before. Training with me, making me feel part of a team and constantly drip feeding knowledge to me.

I recently competed in a Bikini Fitness Competition and i am hoping to compete again later this year. The craziest thing of all is that I am now training for size !!! Honestly, I never thought I would see the day.

Thanks to Lynton, his perseverance, confidence and belief in me I have regained control and have a life.

Emily Spence

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Helen Thorley

I joined the warehouse gym about 4 months before I was due to get married. I didn’t want to loose weight and I was keen to actually gain weight healthily and build muscle. During my time using the gym my confidence grew and my confidence in Lynton’s advice grew as he demonstrated that I could eat much more than I was without gaining excessive weight and still exercise and change my body.

I was really happy with the sessions that I had with Tom. They were heavily weight training based which initially made me very nervous as I am a very small woman and haven’t ever had much upper body strength but I found that I started to really enjoy coming in and proving to myself that I could push a little bit harder and I could lift much more than I imagined.

Rina Sedani

They say “A picture paints a thousand words” and all you need to look at are the photos of clients from where they initially started to where their journey has taken them. This was one of the reasons I approached The Warehouse Gym after having tried every fitness faux pas when wanting to lose weight.

Engaging in the 12 week “Flat Belly Fit Body” program has been a rollercoaster ride but the results have been amazing because 3 months on and I’m 10kg down thanks to Lynton, Tom and the team. The gym offers exceptional fitness programs which caters for everyone’s needs and the results are guaranteed as long as you follow the nutrition plan given, which is so easy to follow.

The training is consistent, yet challenging but the motivation given by the trainers is what makes the program worthwhile and it makes you engage in the training techniques to get the results you want.

Learning about the nutrition plan has helped me realize that food plays a big part in keeping that weight off but at the same time knowing that eating the correct food and amount will really make a difference. The constant motivation has been inspiring especially when the scales didn’t move for weeks but the encouragement given by the trainers helped me to understand that progress will determine results slowly and they really have.

I’m sad that I have finished the program but I have gained a lot of knowledge through it all, which I plan to use in the future. Thank you The Warehouse crew for all your support, encouragement and most of all making me realise the resistance that you fight in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character because fitness is not about being better than someone, fitness is about being better than the person you were yesterday.

Anisha Pancholi

At size 28, dieting and me did not go together. I had tried so many times but would quickly fall off the bandwagon.

However, 22 months, 7 dress sizes and 111lbs later it turns out it wasn’t that I couldn’t do it, more because I had no understanding on how to do it.

Lynton’s knowledge in nutrition is unbeatable so having his guidance has been life changing for me. Every week I can see my body changing and it doesn’t even feel like I’m dieting!

The flavours in my diets are amazing and I enjoy what I cook so it doesn’t feel like torture. If I get sick of a certain food Lynton is happy to change it to something else that suits my choice. He is always there to support me on my bad days and will get me back on track when needed.

This consistency is what I needed. It means I can reach my goal without feeling trapped like you can with some diets. He knows what he’s talking about and the fact that I’m still losing weight nearly 2 years later just shows why he is the best at what he does.

Neelam Agrevat

I have truly learnt carbs will not make you fat...

The new trend is to be FIT and HEALTHY, and that is what Lynton helps you achieve. It's a life style change. I have done crash diets in the past but never seen the results I wanted till I went with Lynton for nutrition support.

I am full after every meal and most importantly I enjoy all of meals. I now see a leaner and fitter me, as i get closer to my goals. Lynton is excellent with the support as he is patient and always giving the advice i need. He has made me confident to believe I can have carbs late at night without adding body fat which is often the opposite to what you hear. i have truly learnt carbs will not make you fat, fats will not make you fat, but incorrect nutrition will.

Lynton has all the knowledge I need to achieve my goals and it's worth every penny. My basic theory is " if I can spend £££ going out drinking / eating out then I can replace this by opting to pay for a nutrition plan which will create a better me".

Thank you Lynton for helping me achieve my goals.

Leon Williams - Optimum Nutrition Sponsored Athlete

Lynton’s nutrition program worked, I felt good and still lifted big...

Up until November last year, I thought I knew it all. I entered my first UKBFF physique competition in November and quickly realised I wasn't as smart with food as I thought and got it all wrong and came second.

I turned to Lynton 10 weeks out from the UKBFF Nationals and he planned my entire nutrition set up. Every few days I received constant updates and check-ins to make sure everything was going as planned. He opened my eyes to a whole new way of dieting, nothing extreme and I definitely ate more on his plan than I ever have before. Having being in the “Low Carb” fan club for a while Lynton certainly made me change my thoughts on this.

Along the way there and no crazy hours of cardio which most people do. To put in simple words Lynton’s nutrition program worked, I felt good and still lifted big.

If you’re looking for guidance, coaching and want to control your weight then I 100% recommend Lynton. He will be there whether you like or not and will ensure you get the results you want! Don't pay someone to give you a plan and then ask how you got on 4 weeks later, go with someone that will give you there time to ensure you succeed.

Rick Reeves

Having been told by my professional rugby club that my size to strength ratio needed improvement...

Having been told by my professional rugby club that my size to strength ratio needed improvement Lynton came up with sessions to improve on this. These sessions really took me back to basics. I found lifts that I had previously hit a plateau in gradually started increase every session we had.

Although strength was my the main focus for me, Lynton also implemented excited training methods, which were not for the feint hearted. I constantly dreaded his sessions, as I knew what was to come. However, the sessions were really enjoyable and the same session was never done more than once.

Lynton's knowledge and critique of my sporting performance without a doubt helped me in my progress moving from Bedford Blues RFC and stepping up into the Aviva premiership with London Wasps.

Lynton has surprised me with his vast amount of knowledge within the strength and conditioning industry and can honestly say that athletes regardless of level will benefit from having Lynton as there strength and conditioning coach.

Laura Biddles

Losing weight has always been a big battle for me...

For years and years I have always struggled with my bodyshape and losing weight has always been a big battle for me. I have tried Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Lipotrim, Atkins Diet & the list goes on. All managing to lose a few lbs and gain it back plus a little more after.

After speaking with Lynton a few times to discuss nutrition support it was clear that he knew exactly what he was talking about. His reassurance towards my insecurities regarding my weight and self-confidence issues led me to put my trust into Lynton.

Lynton created a diet plan consisting of everything that I loved to eat. It sounds impossible to lose weight eating all the things you love doesn’t it? Well I was WRONG! I continued with his support for 4 months and dropped a massive 35 Lbs and i felt amazing.

Throughout my diet I would get regular text messages from Lynton to check how I was coping ok, if I had any questions, or if I needed amendments for my diet. Having someone to keep me on track was something I found really motivating and without him I don’t believe I would have got the results I did.

Lynton is very motivating and enthusiastic for people to reach their goals; this helped me in times when I felt like giving up. I did suffer badly with my self-confidence and Lynton picked up on my insecurities and did everything in his power to encourage me.

I cannot thank him enough for all his hard work and perseverance. I am now a strong minded, confident person that believes anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

Hannah Ingram

My training sessions with Lynton have boosted my confidence and self-esteem beyond recognition...

Lynton has coached me from strength and conditioning perspective for almost 2 years now. He really understands my sporting abilities and has opened me up to a number of new possibilities.

Lynton understands my capabilities, often better than I do myself. I trust him implicitly so if he tells me I can do something that's enough for me. My training is in his hands and he knows exactly what to say and when to say it to get the best out of me, which has been truly invaluable at my competitions.

Like me, Lynton has very high expectations of how his clients should perform. This encourages me to push my limits and continually step out of the comfort zone.

My training sessions with Lynton have boosted my confidence and self-esteem beyond recognition. There are a lot of coaches out there who can help you improve your physical strength but Lynton can improve your resilience as well, important in sport and life.

Whatever journey you are on, whether you are training for a sport or just for life I whole-heartedly recommend training with Lynton. If you are ready to work hard he will help you be the best you can be. It won't be easy but I guarantee it will be worth it.

Sarah Knight

The pounds just kept flying off...

I started with Lynton on 16th June 2014. I went in motivated and determined to get the body I wanted.He worked out a food plan for me, told me what supplements and protein to have as well as a full training plan to stick to.

At first I was sceptical because I felt like I was eating too much and training too little. But the pounds just kept flying off. After the first month I had lost an amazing half a stone!!! Then the following month in July I lost another half a stone. In august I lost 5 pounds and still dropping now as we speak.

I'm down to 60.2kg from 69.8kg. All thanks to lynton for the right guidance.He was very helpful and was always happy to amend my food and training plan when I said I was getting borde (which was like every few days HAHA sorry lynton)

All of the foods were amazing and didn't even feel like I was dieting half the time. Felt amazing for eating clean.Any questions I had we're answered and I feel like I've actually learnt a lot by this experience and Definatly view weight a lot differently now.

It's all about the way you look and how you feel not what the scales say. I used to always rely on the scales to make me feel better but now I just look at myself and couldn't be happier.

Thanks for all of your help and support throughout this tough few months. I'll be back in January ;-) xx

Ben Castleman

I get contacted regularly by Lynton on how I’m feeling so he can monitor my progress...

Hypertrophy training is a huge part of my life and from it being just a hobby, it has now definitely become more of a lifestyle and one I am very happy with.

During the longevity of my training I have always struggled to monitor one aspect, and the most important one at that, which is nutrition. I contacted Lynton mid-May last year telling him what I want to achieve and my goals etc and throughout the months to date, it has worked a treat for me.

Within 3 weeks of being on a macro based diet by Lynton my body fat % dropped by 3% and i had so much energy. The variety of foods he offers means your diet will never be boring and the support and advice given is spot on.

I get contacted regularly by Lynton on how I’m feeling so he can monitor my progress. Even if this field isn’t your forte you can ask him anything and you get an accurate answer no matter how stupid you think the questions maybe.

I have found this kind of tailored program works perfect for me. 10 weeks into it my fat % dropped from 13.2% to 7.5% and my weight dropped from 92.5kg to 88.6kg. I would highly recommend Lynton’s nutrition plans to anyone who has a passion in training, wants to look good or just stay fit and healthy.

My next goal is to compete later this year and I know with my determination, motivation and will power, plus Lynton’s help, my goal will be achieved.

Elise Malloy

I am a very happy bride and a much smaller one...

After working with lynton on my nutrition and support for the last 3 months, i can honestly say i am in the best shape i think i have ever been in. I have battered my body with silly fad diets for years and with my upcoming wedding decided i had 3 months to loose the extra weight i was carrying.

Lynton has been fab listening to my moaning and changing my diets week on week. He offers constant support through txt and email which i found a massive help when i wanted to eat my body weight in chocolate.

Over the last 3 months i have lost a stone and a half and dropped 14inches.... which i had tried to loose with other diets and failed. Lynton has helped build my confidence and has helped me with not only what food im eating but also with my training.

When first starting the plan i will admit i thought i would find it hard trying to retrain my body to not eat the rubbish that i thought it wanted but seeing my first plan had jelly and cream in i was a happy lady. Lyntons taught me that its not only about my body weight but my overall feel and look!! Hes also made me realise i can have the things i want in moderation and that i shouldnt feel guilty....the only thing is now i dont really want to eat the rubbish i did before.

With less than a week to my wedding i am a very happy bride and a much smaller one...i have had to have 5 inches taken out of my wedding dress and dropped well over a clothes size. I can't honestly thank him enough for what he has helped me achieve.

Nicola Bird

Fats are necessary and are not the devil...

I turned to Lynton for help with my nutrition after seeing his many success stories online.From the first contact he was professional, helpful and friendly.

The diet plan he created for me was tailor made to my likes and dislikes and I was surprised at the menu including indulgent things like double cream in my breakfast

He was happy to change food items in my plan as often as I liked and always on hand to help and support by text if I had any questions or just wanted to moan and needed a pep talk.

Talking to Lynton about nutrition has helped me to learn more about the quantities of food that I need and that fats are necessary and not the devil for a rounded diet.

His services and support are second to none and worth every penny.

Lisa Holford

How could i eat so much food and still lose weight?...

Having tried so many different diets and losing very little weight over long periods of time I was so disappointed with the whole " dieting world".

After getting in touch with Lynton through a recommendation by a friend he immediately put my fears to rest. He explained perfectly how the diet would work and what he'd expect to happen.

Initially I had so many questions. why the need for protein shakes? how could i eat so much food and still lose weight? and surely i couldn't lose weight without cardio? However, Lynton was always at the end of a text or email and soon responded to my questions.

The support given by Lynton was excellent, and after a successful weigh in, the cheat meal was real something to look forward too. I can truly say my whole attitude towards food and cheat meals has been completely changed for the better.

Many people doubted this program as it included foods that many term as "bad foods" such Carb's, Feta Cheese and Greek Yogurt. All i can say is we have shown them !

The response and encouragement from Lynton just inspires you on. I am pleased to say 28 lbs lighter, and 2 dress sizes down I have now reached my goal. my body has not looked like this for over 10 years.

Thank you Lynton, the support and guidance you given me has really inspired me on. I probably was a pain for asking so many questions and may even have been a bit mardy at times, but you were at the end of a email or text every time. Even when I hadn't been in touch you sent me a text checking up on my progress.

Cheers for all your guidance & support, i thank you for making me feel so happy and confident..

Scott Mangles

I turned up looking and feeling in the best shape of my life..

I finally decided to take part in my first Bodybuilding show in september 2013, my knowledge on nutrition never mind a competition diet was some what sketchy.

After reading through copious amounts of online material, all of which gave opposing and seemingly misleading information I approached Lynton as I had seen the progress of other gym members especially Sarah Mclean and Leon Williams who are both UKBFF competitors.

Lynton explained the fundamentals of how his diets were set up which was the theory of eating the maximum amount of food whilst still dropping body fat according to our lean body mass to keep your metabolism working as quick as possible.

When my shopping list arrived I couldn’t believe the things written on it. I had things such as double cream, butter and cans of coke post workout. This really never felt like dieting. On top of this Lynton adapted my training regime from 5 – 6 days a week at around 60 – 90 minutes a session down to 30 – 45 minute sessions 3 – 4 days per week with zero cardio.

As the weeks went by body fat was dropping but my lean mass was increasing, my energy levels were up and I felt fantastic whilst fellow competitors looked and felt terrible.

Body fat measurements were recorded with a start of 18.2% and dropping down to 5.3%. I can confidently say on the day of my show I turned up looking and feeling in the best shape of my life, so a big thanks to Lynton for his support and guidance along the way.

Jagjeet Singh

I look and feel so much better...

At first i was very sceptical, i have always thought if i do enough research on the internet about diet and training, then that will be enough information to put in practice. But after years of doing this, i still found little result.

You will end up reading so many misleading articles. I truly overlooked at how important it was to calculate what, and how much you eat according to your body composition, and how to train to meet your goals. It is easy for someone to research and then try to implement that in your life but getting the results is a different story.

The diet plan and training routine Lynton put in place was one that was created for myself and no body else. It was created around foods i liked, when i trained, my job and my daily routine. It is for that reason i have been with Lynton for over 6 months now.

In terms of results i couldn't of asked for more. Apart from being over 30 lbs lighter, i look and feel so much better. I am an amateur boxer/ wrestler and i am also a vegan, for that reason my diet had to be strong to the core- and the results speak for them selves.

Try one month and the results will speak for themselves. Doing research is good, but till you get a professional to design and implement a plan specifically for you, you will never reach your full potential.

Matt Upton

You WILL NOT regret it...

After Lynton was recommend to me i got in touch. Instantly he set about working his magic and creating a tailor made nutrition program tailored just for me. I was so surprised at just how much food you got to eat on a daily basis and even more impressive all foods that i loved. Im personally on a crazy 4800 kcals per day as we speak.

I honestly cannot speak highly enough of Lynton. He seriously knows his stuff with regards to nutrition and training. It was pleasing to see that he is very keen to help educate his clients so they understand why he does certain things with regards to food. As far as i am concerned if he doesn't know something, it probably isn't worth knowing.

In terms of results, i have personally lost 27 lbs in the first 8 weeks whilst under his support. The change ive felt has been nothing short of amazing with increased sleep, more energy and better performance in training.

His on-going support is excellent. He cares about clients perceptions of themselves and has a great passion in what he does. He loves to see positive change in people.

If your serious about wanting to make changes in terms of your body appearance then look no further than this guy....you WILL NOT regret it.

Seb Viteri

The man is a wizard...

I must admit I was slightly skeptical of the diet provided by Lynton at first. Having previously competed I had not expected to be on a cutting diet with so many flavours and variability. However this doubt was soon converted into amazement as my bodyweight dropped at an average of 2 lbs. a week without any added cardio.

Whilst I still had luxury items like coca cola and double cream in my diet I was so surprised to see my body fat drop from 19% to 8.5% over a 10 week period. The macro set up for my diet allowed my energy levels to remain high which subsequently resulted in me being able to train harder and harder each session without feeling fatigued .

My preconceptions of a high protein diet being a must were completely challenged, and the more is less, less is more concept was used. This was beneficial to me as being on a student budget meant that my finances were not compromised whilst being on the diet.

The reverse dieting post contest phase has allowed my bodyweight not to rebound as it has in previous years and has allowed calories to increase again whilst staying pretty lean.

Lynton's knowledge on strength training has also helped me improve my body composition with the introduction of a 5x5 strength routine during my off season. I was still able to remain at around 12% body fat whilst my strength and lean muscle mass increased each month. I must now admit that so many bodybuilders are stuck in a rut with training and I can confidently say i will 100% be using a 5x5 routine every year now during my off season.

I would like to thank Mr. Dell for educating me along the way and allowing me to achieve a result beyond my expectations. Truly the man is a wizard with regards to food and nutrient timing.

Jay Patel

I was amazed at the amount of food I could eat...

I have spent a lifetime battling with my weight and have tried a number of ways to lose weight. From crash diets through to diet pills and various slimming clubs. Having seen my GP about this they referred me to the eat well plate. I followed this for long periods of time, however I still continued to put the weight on.

I got in touch with Lynton who explained how his nutrition plans work, he introduced me to a whole new way of eating. I was amazed at the amount of food I could eat on his nutrition plan. The plan was specifically devised for me and after just a few weeks into it i had dropped 6 lbs without any exercise. I was totally content with the plan as it contained foods that I enjoyed eating.

I continued to lose weight without any form of exercise and If my weight came to a standstill then Lynton would make minor adjustments to the plan, allowing my weight to continually drop.

I am really grateful to Lynton as he has introduced me to a whole new way of eating. I would be 100% happy to recommend him to anyone who is serious about losing weight.

Give him a call as he will support you all the way through and help you to get the results you want.

Tara Overton

Lynton was very reassuring even when I felt like i was having those bad days...

I decided to compete for the first time in the UKBFF East Of England Championships 2013. I had no real idea of the sort of diet or training that was required to get in shape to enter a competition of this standard. So I turned to Lynton Dell Health & Performance. I was given a specifically tailored nutrition and training program which was explained to me in much detail as to avoid any problems that we could potentially come across throughout my prep.

During my time with Lynton it was a real assurance to know that I had the option to text/email him at any time I needed, often which I did. Lynton was very reassuring even when I felt like i was having those bad days.

Talking to other competitors I found out that my diet was so much easier than most others were following. I had items like bacon and eggs for breakfast, strawberries and double cream on a daily basis.

Lynton's knowledge in nutrition really impressed with so many items people generally term "bad foods" where included in my diet. During my time on this diet my body fat dropped from 24% to 14.9% in just under 8 weeks.

I have to say, the results were amazing and I wouldn't have achieved my goals and stepped on stage without Lynton's expertise. I would highly recommend Lynton to anyone who was also has that dream to compete on stage.

Elaine Keene

im just so impressed with the whole thing...

I have trained in gyms for a considerable number of years, but seem to have lost focus with diet and training.

I contacted Lynton not so much to lose weight , but more so change my body composition. I completed a medical / health screening and lifestyle consultation form out so that my program could be specifically tailored to me.

As a former chocoholic and someone who enjoyed a nice glass wine in the evening, every evening, I thought my plan was going to be incredibly hard and id fail after a few days.

However, I was so surprised at how easy i found it, maybe the fact someone had taken their time to actual listen to what I liked and therefore the food i was eating was great and there was very little temptation for me to cheat .

If I found the food repetitive, I could always contact Lynton via text or email and ask for amendments. If I was ever slow in contacting him with updates, he was soon on my case to make sure there were no problems.

Lynton explained everything in detail as to why we were doing things at certain times , and in certain ways. Although it was a really short period , I really started to see the difference by week 2 , and by week 4 others were too. 6 weeks in and I'm 7lbs down. Although total bodyweight was never an issue with me as i know i wasn't overweight this was a bonus. I am now so much leaner without looking gaunt or depleted which wall all achieved throughout nutrition and no cardio.

The other benefit of this program was that of Lyntons supplement advice especially on omega 3 fish oils. I have arthritis in my fingers which had just started to make life difficult, This seems to have virtually vanished.

In fact, im just so impressed with the whole thing, despite having faced a lot of negativity from certain ‘experts’ at my gym, I wish I could have continued for the full 12 weeks to see how far I could go !

All my friends cannot get over how committed ive been to this plan and how well ive done, but Lynton made it so easy I couldn’t do anything else but be as committed as he was.

Jatin Pancholi

healthy eating can be fun and tasty...

I had been training for a long time without really making any improvements. I was confident with the level of training I was doing but my understanding in nutrition was letting me down. I felt I was eating healthy but how wrong was I.

I started a 12 week nutrition plan with Lynton with an aim to lose some body fat and increase in muscle size. From the outset the advise and knowledge Lynton was giving me completely changed my perception on food and soon came to understand the term " you are what you eat ".

I was expecting to be given a boring meal plan but was surprised to learn that healthy eating can be fun and tasty. Lynton did this by incorporating foods I liked and worked with me to set my meals out. When it comes to food I'm not adventurous but Lynton introduced me to combinations foods I hadn't eaten and wouldn't have tried otherwise.

Throughout the 12 weeks Lynton was constantly available offering support whether he was checking up on progress with training, weight, progress pictures or to simply being there for advise and encouragement. What I really liked was he wanted to know how you were feeling and for me that was important to have that one to one relationship.

The best thing of all is the results were there and I really couldn't have achieved them without his knowledge and expertise.

My time with Lynton has definitely had an impact on me with the way I train and the food I now eat. If there's one thing I can take away from this experience above and beyond the advise and knowledge you will gain is discipline with food.

If you're considering a nutrition plan to achieve your goals then look no further, Lynton will definitely get you results.

Manjinder Shanker

I feel so much happier...

I was the type of person that thought extreme diets were the only way to help me loose weight; which they did. However the moment i stopped the diet I gained everything back and some more.

Since being in contact with Lynton, and being on a nutrition plan, I've lost a steady, sustainable amount of weight each week. I have now come to understand more about how food actually works in terms off dropping body fat . I feel so much happier, I sleep better, no more mood swings because i feel hungry like on the crazy diets and most importantly my weight loss is sustainable meaning i have not gained any of it back.

Lynton worked around my vegan choices and gave me great meal plans, he understood if I had a bad day and motivates you back onto track.

You have to put the hard work in to see results, But with Lynton helps it makes it so much easier.

Liam Warren

I was learning to change my life...

I had the pleasure of meeting Lynton just after christmas when without knowing I had got to the heaviest in my life. Throughout my lifetime I had tried many different ways to lose weight and have always failed. After going with one of Lynton's nutrition programs I quickly learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body would respond.

Lynton did not restrict my eating habits but quite simply showed me how that being consistent and in control of my food I could still eat the things I like. My food intake was more doubled which meant i was eating so much more. with Lynton's knowledge and direction and very quickly began to lose weight.

Lynton taught me that foods which had high fat content didn't mean that I would put fat but in it quite the opposite. He showed me that eating fats, carbs & proteins in moderation would equal a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Lynton also showed me how to increase my exercise so that my body would work more efficiently towards my goal.

Through Lynton's program I stopped thinking about weight loss and began thinking that I was learning to change my life and that I shouldn't always be worried about numbers but more sp about the way I look and feel.

To date, I am pleased to say that I have lost weight and continue to lose more even after i stopped working with Lynton and began to control my own nutrition. I truly do not believe I would have learned everything I did and feel so good about reaching my goals without Lynton and his program.

Lynton is the utmost professional, yet he has a touching compassion and dedication towards his clients. I am thrilled to be able to say that I worked with him and want to thank him for the knowledge passed across to me along the way.

Sharon Kooner

Bottom line is that the results speak for themselves...

After spending 18 months of doing intense cardio training alongside a little dieting, I realised that I was at a stand still and was probably going down the wrong path. My diet consisted of very low calorie and calorie counting became an obsession which led to me consuming ‘low fat’ foods and actually not eating a lot of food often leaving me hungry.

That’s where Lynton came in. By way of recommendation I entered into a 12 week nutritional plan and I can honestly say it has been the most life changing experience. Lynton devised a plan to meet my vegetarian requirements and most importantly of foods I like to eat which made me feel like I wasn’t denying myself pleasures in life.

Initially the aspect I had difficulty coming to terms with was that every food listed on my plan was to be ‘full fat’. After putting my trust into Lynton I now never choose to eat any ‘low fat’ foods. It quickly became a lifestyle rather than a nutritional plan.

Lynton’s knowledge is extensive and he explains the science behind the basic facts, so I now feel educated into making quality food choices. The advice that he offers is based on sound research which is important in a confusing world of healthy eating which is often overloaded with nonsense press headlines and ill-formed articles.

He is very motivational and always on the end of the phone offering full support throughout the course. Bottom line is that the results speak for themselves. This program has educated me to look at food in a really positive way, teaching me that subtle changes to my nutrition can have significant benefits.

Under Lynton’s guidance, I have most definitely achieved the goals I set for myself, furthermore I feel that what I have accomplished to date is just an inkling of what is now possible.

Tristen Alden

I looked so much fuller, leaner, stronger, and I felt so much better...

Having been training with weights and trying out different diets since the age of 14, I have tried and tested many of the fad diets and training regimes out there. In 2013, After upping my training volume to unforeseen frequency, coupled with low calorie low carb diet which I had a great deal of difficulty sustaining and sticking to. I was left bewildered as to how I stagnated at 83kg 11% body fat with 8 cardio sessions a week and 6 weight sessions a week. I added more, and yet nothing changed, I lowered food more, still nothing, for 6 weeks – then I went on holiday and looked average.

After returning, I decided to contact Lynton after seeing the progress his clients were making by eating good tasty foods such as cream, cheese, oats and olives, and yet with ZERO cardio and only 4 weight sessions weekly. Lynton made sure all the foods on my plan were ones that I like and would fit around my work schedule and meal frequency.

Nonetheless I trusted Lynton and the results came fast, I dropped to 8.9% body fat in the 25 days, I looked so much fuller, leaner, stronger, and I felt so much better, I enjoyed my diet and actually looked forward to each meal. No one could believe how it worked or how I looked so much better than before.

Scientifically based diets focused on correct nutrient timing plus perfect macronutrient ratios will win over any fad diet, and any amount of cardio or extreme measures people often consider.10-12 weekly sessions plus low calorie and low carb = 83kg 11% body fat Vs 4 weekly weight sessions, ZERO cardio, higher calories, higher carbs = 81.5kg 8.9% body fat.

I again came back to Lynton with 10 weeks to go for my holiday this year, and suffice to say results have been brilliant. I started at 35 inch waist, 87.7kg, and through eating foods like bacon, cheese, peanut butter etc I am now down to 79.4kg, and a 31 inch waist. Again, the results speak for themselves. I feel better, I perform better in work too, and this is all down to the diet Lynton ran for me.

Lynton has also helped to educate me and explain everything in detail, he has helped me to understand how everything works and why so many of the myths out there must be ignored. As a result, I am now empowered in understanding correct nutrition and no longer need to rely on nonsense you see in magazines and online to know how to improve my physique. Lynton always goes above and beyond to help his clients to learn and support them, and serves as an example of what an excellent nutritional coach should be. I cannot thank him enough for all his help.

Pritesh Valand

Not have I only gained a dietitian in Lynton but also a good friend...

As a vegetarian it has been hard in the past to adjust to diets that would help me achieve my goals. Although i have been training for many years i had very little knowledge of a correct nutrition and has been the sole reason why i have found it difficult to maximise my goals.

At this point i knew a nutritionist was required. Without hesitation I contacted Lynton and provided the essential information that would help him understand my goals and within days the diet plan arrived. Lynton laid all the information of his programme on the table clearly and direct.

The diet managed to cover a range of foods that I had never ever imagined that I could have eaten whilst dieting. Currently 8 weeks into the diet I am seeing results and still following the diet with little adjustments along the way. Lynton was quick on responding to questions and provided enriched information in order to achieve the goals. Not have I only gained a dietitian in Lynton but also a good friend.

I would like to say thank you for the support and advice you have given me so far, and i urge any other vegetarians to get onto his plans because results will 100% happen.

Mandeep Garcha

It never even felt like i was I was dieting ...

I always found it hard to keep a balanced diet and never really understood what i should be eating nor how much i should be eating. I felt as though my diet was a chore, after hearing good things through friends about Lynton Dell I decided to get in touch and let him take control of my nutrition.

I have a very busy lifestyle and Lynton accommodated this in my diet. Throughout my program it never felt like i was I was dieting and after committing myself fully I dropped just over a stone in a month and this was through diet alone, with 1-2 cheat meals per week.

I would definitely use Lynton again for any future nutrition advice & training, the service received was brilliant as he always checked in with me a couple of times a week to see how the plan was going and any problems i was having.

Sarah Gurney

I was the happiest person on my wedding day...

After months of Bootcamps and Zumba classes I was at my wits end wondering why I was not loosing weight or even inches, especially when I had been putting in so much effort week in, week out and yet i never seen results. It just did not make sense to me. I voiced my concerns to a colleague and he suggested I contact Lynton, I had 6 weeks until I was to be married so this was my last resort.

This was to be the best advise anyone had given me. I emailed Lynton and within the next couple of hours I had in my hand a nutrition plan that would help me reach my goal. I didn't believe it at the time given there was double cream in my diet and 4-5 good meals per day. I just thought how am I supposed to eat all this food and loose weight AND cut down on my exercise classes?

Well It worked!

The results I got were just amazing. Within the 6 weeks I had given Lynton to help me I lost the weight I needed, and it was the first time I had ever stuck to any form of eating plan. Seeing results really made me stick to this plan and it made me feel so much healthier which was an added bonus. I lost inches and the scales were getting lighter on the run up to my big day. It was now one less thing I needed to worry about. The support was also there, and its certainly on tap with Lynton, and I needed a lot! but he never sounded fed up with me even after I asked him to change my plan for the 3rd time in a week. He was just concerned that I was happy with the plan and to me that kind of support is priceless: )

So thank you Lynton for all your help and support, I could not have done it without you. I was the happiest person on my wedding day and I cannot thank you enough.

Ben Jetski

In all honesty this was one of the best things I have ever done!!!...

For years I had tried numerous different ways to achieve the body image I wanted. I'd never professed to want a "super ripped" physique, although I always felt I carried a little too much fat for the amount of training or exercise I did.

A friend of mine recommended I see Lynton Dell at The Warehouse Gym. In all honesty this was one of the best things I have ever done. Lynton took the time to establish my own personal goals and equally explained the genuine science behind, why for years despite high levels of cardio, I'd always carried fat.

"Spend the time you would running, prepping your food, put away you running trainers and lift heavy weights" was Lynton's initial instruction. Skeptical to say the least, I did as he said and to be honest have not looked back. Over a 12 week period Lynton managed my nutrition and training, and explained why I needed carbs, saturated fats and proteins in my diet to loose fat... My mind was blown!!!

I went from 24% body fat to 14% over this period and due to Lynton's "education" I am now comfortable managing my own nutrition and training in order to maintain the body image I want.

I can not thank Lynton enough!!!

Jay Pateman

One of the strongest drug free athletes in the country...

In 2012 I came to Lynton’s gym as a raw unpolished strength athlete. After 20 years of training I have to admit I thought I had read and learned everything there was to know regarding how to train for strength, power and explosiveness.

If I’m honest, when Lynton approached me I was skeptical to say the least. After watching me train and then becoming a frequent training partner he gently introduced some different training methods and skills to my training program which I reluctantly accepted and gave them a go.

After a very short length of time I began to realise that I was so much stronger, I was improving so quickly that I decided to enter some competitions and test myself against the top athletes in the country.

I quickly became recognised as one of the strongest drug free athletes in the country and began breaking several long standing British and world records in the process.

Since that day I have introduced scores of friends and acquaintances in Lynton’s direction. Lynton has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the strength scene and for anyone who needs to improve themselves in any sport then you should really put your training in Lynton’s hands.

Leslie Willis

The support and diet plan I received was fantastic...

I was recommended to Lynton by a friend after wanting to lose my baby weight. I wanted a plan which was not too time consuming and would fit in around my baby...that's exactly what I got.

The support and diet plan I received was fantastic and was tailored to all my needs.

The results have been amazing not only have I lost weight but I feel better, I have more energy and feel more confident about my body.

Any questions I had about the plan were answered quickly and I felt supported throughout. I would definitely recommend anyone to let Lynton help with their nutrition..

Jack Zielinski

The results speak for themselves...

After several attempts at trying to regain my fitness and trying to maintain a healthy weight without succeeding, I decided to seek some guidance and know how. I contacted Lynton after reading some if his reviews and testimonials and seeing some of the amazing transformations posted on The Warehouse Gym Facebook page.

Lynton asked me to complete an in depth consultation form in which I detailed that with working a complexed shift pattern involving grabbing whatever I could to eat on the go, I was struggling to achieve my goals.Lynton provided me with a comprehensive nutrition plan that was step by step including which supplements to take, what to eat and when. I didn't expect a plan that would prove to be as manageable and effective as what he came up with.

The results speak for themselves. Within 9 weeks I had managed to shed over a stone, without endless hours in the gym and I was able to eat foods including cheese and double cream. His support, knowledge and guidance is second to none in achieving and sustaining great results. Highly recommended.

Rendal Munroe

Lynton’s sessions were intense and painful, yet so effective ...

I would like to say a big thanks to Lynton for the help in my preparation training for my big fight Vs Scott Quigg. On a week-to-week basis we worked on plyometrics, speed & agility and explosiveness. Although raw strength was not top of priority list, Lynton really showed me how strength work can have a major part to play to an athlete regardless of your sport.

Lynton’s Sessions were intense and painful yet effective. Lynton’s knowledge and experience has definitely helped towards the preparation of my elite fitness for this bout.

Tom Williams

Lynton revolutionised my diet...

After getting an opportunity to step up to the championship I wanted to make sure that I had done everything within my own control to be in the best shape of my life. Lynton revolutionised my diet which had an almost immediate impact on my performance on the pitch. Lynton was incredibly personable when I approached him and clearly showed a vast knowledge of strength and conditioning. He showed me some great little tweaks to my technique on the compound lifts and wrote a programme to improve my strength, speed & power.

My 1RM lifts have all improved and the introduction of plyometrics has really freshened up my training. His critiques of my training and technique have really opened my eyes and pushed my own performances to new levels.

My power to weight ratio has really improved and Lyntons conditioning sessions are a must for any rugby player or athlete looking to get to the next level.