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Welcome to The Warehouse Gym - we are excited and proud to be offering you the chance to be able to transform your body and lifestyle all without losing your sanity.

Do you find yourself thinking ….

  • My clothes are getting tighter?
  • My self-confidence getting lower and lower?
  • I find myself comfort eating at the thought of my appearance?
  • I really want to stop feeling fat, overweight and constantly unhappy?

If the answer is yes then we are here to change that, Lets get you looking and feeling great all without endless cardio in the gym seeing no change. We are so confident at what we do that we even offer a 100% Guaranteed Results or your money back promise to every client we work with.

Believe us here at The Warehouse Gym when we say, we meet people all the time who wish for great results, but we meet very few who are willing to do something about it.

Sharon Kooner

Bottom line is that the results speak for themselves...

After spending 18 months of doing intense cardio training alongside a little dieting, I realised that I was at a stand still and was probably going down the wrong path. My diet consisted of very low calorie and calorie counting became an obsession which led to me consuming ‘low fat’ foods and actually not eating a lot of food often leaving me hungry.

That’s where Lynton came in. By way of recommendation I entered into a 12 week nutritional plan and I can honestly say it has been the most life changing experience. Lynton devised a plan to meet my vegetarian requirements and most importantly of foods I like to eat which made me feel like I wasn’t denying myself pleasures in life.

Initially the aspect I had difficulty coming to terms with was that every food listed on my plan was to be ‘full fat’. After putting my trust into Lynton I now never choose to eat any ‘low fat’ foods. It quickly became a lifestyle rather than a nutritional plan.

Lynton’s knowledge is extensive and he explains the science behind the basic facts, so I now feel educated into making quality food choices. The advice that he offers is based on sound research which is important in a confusing world of healthy eating which is often overloaded with nonsense press headlines and ill-formed articles.

He is very motivational and always on the end of the phone offering full support throughout the course. Bottom line is that the results speak for themselves. This program has educated me to look at food in a really positive way, teaching me that subtle changes to my nutrition can have significant benefits.

Under Lynton’s guidance, I have most definitely achieved the goals I set for myself, furthermore I feel that what I have accomplished to date is just an inkling of what is now possible.

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