Are You In To Black Guys…..

So a while back i remember reading this research study.

The study revealed that a whopping 87% of white women dream of having sex with a black man on the basis that “they think black men have a bigger penis” in comparison to white men.

Interestingly enough, the same study says only 13% of white women said they would would marry and raise a family with a black man.

Which I find just “fucking” brilliant (no pun intended).

So basically…

The women who were questioned were happy doing something for short term gratitude I.e the apparent “bigger penis” and/or their own fantasy.

Now I don’t know if this is actually true across the board but let’s just say I’m thankful my dads from Jamaica ; )


When it came to long term gratitude I.e finding a relationship and/or provider,

Only 13% said they would prefer a black man over a white man.

Now I’m not getting into the whole stereotypical black/white thing but I laughed out so much about this article that I just had to write an email on it for you.

So what am I actually saying?

I’m saying that it’s highly likely that you want to have sex with me.


I mean the study proves it…..

Ok so what am I really saying?

So basically we have a huge % of the study happily accepting short term gratitude and not looking at the long term picture…

And this senorita is where the whole world is going wrong…..

You do shit for short term gratitude

> Starve yourself

> Herbalife

> Cleanse 9

> Crispy kale and green smoothie diet

> Endless hours of cardio

I mean the list goes on……

Knowing that all of that is only gonna last shrot term.

Very few people wanna do shit that has a long term effect on their life.

Now imagine just how much success you would get if you commit to choosing actions that had long term gratitude tied to it rather than a short term one.

>  A sustainable, realistic training program where you have fun every single session

> A nutrition program that allows you to eat out with
friends/family whilst having wine and still staying on track

> Results that meant you not only dropped a TONNE
of weight, but you were able to maintain this month
after month (which you never have before).

You see that’s exactly what all of my girls are getting over here at Unbreakable.

I don’t get them to do anything that’s for short term gratitude.

It’s for the bigger, longer term gratitude.

That’s how you get REAL results……

So if you want to include yourself in that 87% then simply inbox me and we can get some short term gratitude going on….

But that short term gratitude ^^^^  aint what life is about.

Seriously though,

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And i’ll show you how easy this whole “losing weight” and “getting toned” can actually be…..


Lynton “my dad’s from Jamaica soooooooo” Dell

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