Can’t believe what Karen said to me…..

So i tell you everyday how kick ass my clients are right?

It’s true,

They are just cool as f*ck.

So i woke up yesterday done my meditation (which you should be doing too) And then checked my phone.

And just like most mornings i got a message from a client called Karen.

“Thank you for promoting your business on facebook like you did/do, in a fashion that is honest and genuine, that connected me to you.

I appreciate your genuine, good natured (bad ass) attitude that goes beyond the physical but taps into the mental too.

This is part of the problem for me and no doubt for a lot of women, and it is because of this that you have amassed 40 very similar group of women to work with that we are all very like minded that makes this an enjoyable journey so far.

So thank you Lynton, I appreciate your patience, your honesty and inspiration”

Now like i say this is something i get quite often because all of my clients are kick ass but here’s so.

You see i focus here on helping like minded women connect.

What do i mean by this.

I mean all of my girls are size 16+,

All of my girls are age 28+,

Alot of my girls have kids,

Most of my girls have been married,

And 100% of my girls have at some point fought with

> Stress

> Anxiety

> Depression

> Bi-polar

> And other mental health problems

And this is super important in helping you get in shape.

Being around people that are very similar to you is uber important to changing.

Ever been to a gym session and there’s an 18 year old girl, size 8 all in shape constantly in the mirror taking selfies and there’s you are as a 40 year old lady, with 2 kids, been married, got divorced, hates looking in the mirror and been dieting for the last 20 years?

There’s just literally nothing in common right?

That’s not who you want to train with.

You want to train with like minded people who get it.

Who have been in the exact same boat as you.

This will make your life 100 times easier.

Which is why working with me is a no brainer…

But like i mentioned the other day I’m closed.

I’ll be opening 20 slots up again but not till the new year.

And once they are gone.

Again i’ll be closed.

So what i’m going to offer you today is the chance to get on the early bird list.

Which means you’ll get first dibs on one of those slots i have come the new year.

All you need to do is REPLY to this email with your mobile name, number and best email address and that’s you on my list and then you’ll here from me near the end of the year.

That’s all for today.

Lynton “Best Clients In The World” Dell

P.S Still on the fence?

In the new year my prices will be going up,

So if you want in on the current price you need to get yourself on the early bird list.

Chop Chop