i cheated on my girlfriend..

(Hold up, hold up, hear me out)

So last night was date night.

And not with the Mrs.

Me and 9 women,

Yep !!!!

I totally loved it.

I say date it was really just me and a bunch of clients who went Nandos and cinema last night.

Everyone was looking like whose this dude with 9 chicks,

Or as one client said they might be thinking look at this guy out with his mum and all her mates,

Either way it was awesome.

It’s so cool to see women who rarely socialise to then see them being out, dressed up in a big group.

All looking amazing I may add.

Smashing Nandos up.

Double carbs and all sorts.

Love it.

And then to hear them constantly laughing in the cinema to me is just epic.

It’s true.

Girls just wanna have FUN.

And that ^^^^,

Is what my program is ALL about.

Plain and simple.

It’s about increasing the amount of FUN you have.

And DECREASING the amount stress you have.

Which ultimately means you’ll drop a TONNE of weight.

Now getting out and socialising is HUGE part of my program.

Every 4-6 weeks we have a social night out where we cancel training,

(Yep that’s right ^)

Get out and socialise and eat some food “most PT’s” say you shouldn’t.

But over here it’s all about FREEDOM.

I’m not here to restrict you and tell you don’t do this or that.

All my girls had stuff they shouldn’t last night but guess what?

It’s totally cool because their mindset is now they’ll wake up this morning and get back to plan.

And that Señorita is how you get balance.

Seeing women laugh and joke around with friends they’ve met through my studio makes me love my job even more.

My studio is their SAFE place.

No judgements.

No guys.

No mirrors.

No fear of everyone looking.

Just flat out FUN.

And at this point of the email is you have two options.

You can either

Go find a PT who’ll charge you over the odds,

Make you train 5-6 x a week,

Tell you to ditch ALL of that chocolate and wine,

And will ultimately make you hate life.


You can come on board here where;

You’ll train with like minded women in a private studio,

I’ll encourage you to have that wine and chocolate if you need it,

I’ll help you realise that life gets in the way and you can’t always be on it,

You’ll meet a bunch of girls who feel exactly the same way you do and start to increase your social circle,

And all whilst have a bunch of FUN and losing a TONNE of weight.

So as always,

The balls in your court.

And you can do as you please.

But I only have the 1 slot left to start before Xmas and then I’ll be closed.

If you want in seriously just hit REPLY.

You’ve been doubting this for how long now and you’ve still not go in touch.

There’s no pressure,

I’ll just see if I’m able to help.


Lynton ” I got 99 problems but women ain’t 1″ Dell