New Year, New You BS!!!!

So it’s thats time of year huh,

You know where all the PT’s lower their prices,

Shout out to you about all the offers they have on,

You know buy 10 sessions get 7 free,

Join up and pay only £10 per PT session,

FREE diet included,

New year, new you BS,

Start the year being a better you.

It’s literally all I’m seeing everywhere I log onto the internet right now.

It’s just cringe.

Because I 100% guarantee they’ll have exactly the same offer on at the end Jan.

And the end of Feb.

And the end of March too.

You get my drift right?

And you’ve been on the fence about signing up with someone.

But right now you’re waiting,

Waiting till the new year so you can start “fresh” right ?

How about you just ditch the BS excuses.?

And you start today.

Yep ! I’m fucking serious.

How about you quit the same shit you told yourself last year.

And start right fucking now.

Like literally start changing what you do with your body right now!!!

You have all these goals in your head right?

They ain’t your goals.

They ain’t shit.

Until you make a plan.

Write that shit down.

And start making that happen.

You literally are full of shit.

I’ll start after Xmas.

I’ll start on the 3rd.

I’ll start when the kids go back.

I’ll start on Monday so it’s a clean state.

I’ll start when I’ve cleared those bills.

I’ll start once I’ve got my new gym kit.

You’re just trying to justify your shitty choices with excuses that you think people give a shit about.

No ones gives a shit why you ain’t doing it.

They’re too busy looking after themselves.

How about you just say enough is enough and you action it today.

Like right fucking now.

You’ve been reading these emails for how long now. And you still weigh the same !!!!

Meanwhile all of my girls have dropped a TONNE of weight even through December and they’ll be even lighter come 2nd Jan.

And you’re probably sat there right now thinking oh this emails is a bit harsh.

Well yea maybe it is.

But there’s s reason.

I want to disqualify and get all the BS excuse people off my list.

I don’t want you wasting your energy reading these emails and doing fuck all about it.

I want to disqualify those who shop on price, because remember if you shop on price you’ll shop twice.

I don’t want you telling me my program is expensive whilst your sat there binging on shit the entire month and then try convincing me you eat chicken salads …..

I want to disqualify those people who are not open change. And refuse to put effort in to something new.

I don’t want to have to waste my time trying to convince you that what you’ve been doing for the past 12 months is wrong which is why you’re still overweight.

If you are any of those 3 people seriously just unsubscribe.

Seriously just do it.

This is not the place for you.

If none of those ^^^^ sum you up then you may be a good fit for my program.

So Boxing Day I will open up 20 slots to start my program and it’ll be a first come first served basis.

Which means I’ll be in work 26th 8am going through the applications.

Once these 20 slots go like I have been for the last 3 weeks I’ll be closed.

My aim?

To be closed by the end of the first week of jan.

60 clients is the max I can work with!

After that the only way to get in is if one girl leaves.

And the only way anyone is leaving is if they get sacked.

Which I do do quite often.

So it’s simple.

Quit your BS excuses and submit your application right now. I’ll be in touch on the 26th.

Here the application form –

First 20 that get back to me are in.

The rest….. well you’ll be on a waiting list until someone drops out.

That’s all I got today

Lynton “there’s no discounts or offers going on here” Dell