The PT who’s chewing on my seconds……

So I met a friend of mine at the weekend to go over some business stuff.

We usually meet most weekends to throw some business ideas together.

He told me what another PT in Leicester had told him. (and this PT is on my email list, and is the type of PT who trains anyone with a bank card)

So here’s the story.

So not so long ago a potentially client spoke with me and then came in for a face to face to chat hoping to become a client.

However turns out when she came in that she wasn’t a good fit for my program.

She was too small.

Didn’t fit in the criteria of women that i work with.

So I was honest with her and told her sorry i can’t offer you a place because we are not a good fit.

So anyway now this lady has gone with this PT which is great.

It means she’s found a program that is a good fit for her and has started to make a change in her life which is great.

But then the lady and her new PT started talking about me and my program.

And the fact I turned her down.

Turns out that this PT has started telling people including the friend I meet each week.

“How ridiculous it is that I turned this client down,”

That I let her come to the meeting but then told her no.

Which is true, I did.

But then they’ve started telling people that I actually measure people in my office.

That I measure all potentially clients in my office when we meet.

Which ironically is BS.

I’ve never measured anyone and I never would.

(although even to be fair if i did i coud pretty much say none of my clients would mind because i have totally kick ass relationship with all of them)

I mean can you imagine me and nearly 40 girls, im pretty much just one of the girls now. ha ha.

But you see my point here is the type of people that only ever talk BS, spread rumours or bad mouth others are those that are below them in a certain situation.

And in this case business.

The PT in question has never built a gym from 0 into a 6 figures business.

The PT in question has never achieved the things that I have in business. (and this is not my thoughts this is physical awards by a governing body)

The PT has never had to control as many clients as I have, ever.

And this PT has never had the ability to say I’m closed, I can’t take any more clients on. (like I am right now)

And all of those ^^^ are facts not thoughts.

Now this story is so relevant to you and your fitness.

Like I just said the only people who talk BS are those below you.

For example.

Ever noticed it’s always the person who is bigger than you at work that tells you your new diet won’t work.


Just like when your partner tells you you’re wasting your money on all this fitness stuff whilst he’s sat at home on the sofa with a beer belly watching porn.

And you know what that’s cool.

People above you never talk BS.

Only those below you.

That don’t want to see you succeed.

Just learn to understand the difference telling the truth (what most people don’t want to hear) and then flat out BS.

So when people say

“But that diet won’t work”

“That’s a rubbish gym”

“Oh I’ve heard bad things about that”

That’s thier thoughts not facts.

Just flat out ignore them.

Because they are simply showing you that they are unhappy with something in their current reality.

So right now this email leaves you with two options.

1. You can go and choose a PT who has no criteria and will work with absolutely anyone with a bank (which in theory just means they’re settling for anyone who walks through the door)


2. You can submit an application to go on my waiting list to start in the new year because right now I’m CLOSED.

(Yep there’s no space right now. Because I want to spend the next 2-3 weeks making this experience even better for my current clients.)

And either answer is cool.

Whatever makes you happy.

If you want in then it’s all you have to do is head here and submit an application.

Probably take you 30 seconds or so.

Either way it’s fine.

I encourage and appreciate your choice.

That’s it I’m out.

Ciao Bella

Lynton “I’m closed” Dell

P.S finally signed my paperwork yesterday to get a documentary made on my studio.

My biggest investment in any one product I’ve ever made.

More on this at the end of the week