You’re harassing me, stop sending me emails…….

So i’ve had a busy few days getting my shit together and serving my clients so not really been on email,

But I came back in to a nice email from a lady who told me I was “harassing her for send her so many emails”

And it kinda got me thinking.

Yea i do send a load of emails…

Pretty much every fucking day


Though i am trying to cut this down to 3 times a week so i can spend even more time on my clients.

But here’s the reason WHY

 i do email so often.

Because if i posted my email content all over Fakebook……

You’d probably MISS IT


Because Fakebook is just full of absolute nob heads….

Meaning ……… PT’s talking absolute sh*t.

You know,

They love eating chicken and brocolli,

They love trainign 7 days a week.

They never cheat with food (like this is even something to boast about the losers).

Anyway FaKebook has also changed the way people see your updates

 which means i may put some good shit out there yet you wont see it


Which is a bit SHITTY in my eyes…..

And also it’s because Fakebook is somewhere you go when you’re bored.

When you can’t be arsed so you just browse at everyone else’s life right ……

Meanwhile on this email list you are here every morning waiting for my emails


And also if you want to reply you can reply direct to me without leaving a comment on status feeling stupid 

so yea that’s why I use email


Although i do get it, 

not everyone will like my emails.

Do i care?

No not particularly

I don’t want everyone to love my emails.

I mean i need feedback good and bad right ….

But you know what


I’m just here to tell you the truth,

To tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you want to hear.

All in the hope you finally do something about it.

With me or another company,

Either way is cool.

As long as you’re doing something.

I mean you’ve been reading all these emails and you still haven’t done anything about it?

We’re 2 weeks from the new year and you still haven’t decided what your fitness plans are for 2017.

Which ultiamtely mean you’ll fail because you won’t even think about it until the 2nd Jan right?

I want you to get RESULTS.

Because ultimately that’s all you’re looking for.

But for me to get results here at Unbreakable i need dedicated clients

 which is why i wont just take on anyone


It’s why you have go through

> Applications


Phone calls

> Face to face chats

Before we even see if you’re a right fit for this program,

And if i think you’re full of sh*t then you just wont get in.

Because it means I’m wasting my TIME ,and your MONEY


And life’s to short to listen to your BS excuses


It’d also probably mean i’d have to sack you off as a client like i have before.

I don’t want your MONEY if you’re not serious.

I’d rather sack you


Then give you all your money back 

and let you live with the embarrassment of telling your friends that your coach sacked you off and refunded all your money because i wasn’t committed enough


So where are you right now? and where do you want to be in 6 months?

Now ask how are you going to get there?

I can help you get all of that.

Right now i’m closed but i am taking on pre-apps ready for the new year.

I have 20 slots and 6 have gone already.

Once these are gone, they’re gone.

Want in on the current price then head here & submit yourapplication.

Lynton “No 1 harrasser” Dell

P.S. If you’re unhappy at getting my email advice everyday……..then fak off……..

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